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RM Sensors delivers the ultimate solution for receiving all the up-to-date information you need about your property with our remote monitoring system. The system relays important updates without the need for a Wi-Fi connection, so you can stop problems before they start. The unit consists of three parts, customizable to fit your needs and your space: the sensor, the cellular sensor hub, and the data software.

  • The cellular hub accepts data from the sensors and connects to the nearest cell tower to deliver the information.
  • The data software allows you to view graphs of the data collected, setup and modify alerts, and send notifications to email addresses.
These parts will allow you to monitor changes in the surrounding environment remotely. Get notified if the front door has opened, so you know your vacation renters have arrived. Or receive an alert if the heat is out, and your pipes are in danger of freezing. You can set up your remote sensors to monitor any place you need to keep tabs on:

  • RV monitoring kit: Check up on your RV with a hub that monitors for rodents, unauthorized entry, broken pipes, damaged batteries, and more!
  • Boat monitoring kit: Monitor the temperature, detect water in your hull, check the battery charge, and many other levels to make sure your boat stays in prime condition.
  • Home monitoring kit: Keep an eye on your home with sensors to detect human or rodent motion, power outages, water leaks, and temperature changes.
  • Car battery monitoring kit: Stay on top of the voltage of two car battery voltages with alerts, so you're never stuck with a drained battery again.
  • Rat and rodent monitoring kit: Detect rodents in your facility, when they're active, and if your trap catches one.
Setup is simple. Just place the wireless sensors where you want to monitor activity, connect any switches to be used, or batteries you want to watch and let the remote monitoring system handle the rest. The RM Sensors can handle any site, from a small boat to a large-scale commercial facility. Connect up to 64 sensors to one cellular hub to stay on top of things. Give us a call to discuss specialized solutions for your needs, or go ahead and purchase a sensor today!