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Over 60% of boats that sink, sink at the slip. The Boat Monitoring Kit will help prevent this from happening to your boat.


Key Benefits:

  • Get alerts to numerous email addresses you assign, if the float switch sensor lifts in your hull
  • Monitor up to two batteries and get alerts if the battery voltage drops below a threshold you set
  • Monitor temperature on your craft, and set alerts for lower or high temperatures to be notified
  • View current data remotely. Monitor your boat from the city and have peace of mind that you know what's going on. 

What's included in the Kit (plus options)

1 - RMS-BAT2100 Dual Battery Monitor 
2 - mounting screws for RMS-BAT2100
1 - data plan (1st year free!)

Option #1 & #2: Primary and Secondary Battery Cable

  • Custom built to length!
  • Complete cable assembly that connects Sensor Product (RMS-BAT2100) to a primary or single battery on your boat
  • Ring terminals on battery end allows for easy connection to battery's auxiliary posts
  • Stripped wire ends on sensor side, allows easy connect to RMS-BAT2100 (simply slide the wires in and screw them down)
  • protection fuse built into cable, with 6A fuse included, protects your boat in case of wire failure

 Option #3: Float Switch Sensor with Extension Cable

  • Float switch --- install in hull of boat to detect and email alert you if water is present
  • Extension cable attached to float switch, lengths are optional
  • Stripped wire ends, to easily attach sensor to the RMS-BAT2100 Sensor Input

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