Car Battery Monitor

Our car battery monitor can monitor up to two car battery voltages and send alerts!

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Car Battery Monitor

All this capability from a device that is about the size of a credit card

Wireless Battery Monitor

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How our battery monitor works

  • Purchase the RMS-BAT2100 Cellular Dual Battery Monitor
  • Connect the Dual Battery Monitor (RMS-BAT2100) to one or two batteries
    • One battery must be greater than 6V for the sensor to operate
  • Connect sensors (normally open) to the sensor input
    • Can use door sensors that are normally open
    • Will also measure two prong water sensor (triggers off resistance <2.5Mohm)
    • Parallel multiple sensors, just make sure the are all "Normally Open" and close the circuit on detection
  • Setup your account in the RM Sensors Data Portal
  • Register your device in the Data Portal
  • Setup email accounts where you want alerts sent (can be texting email accounts with common carriers)
  • Setup alerts for battery threshold and sensor input detection
  • Start monitoring your batteries
  • Periodically, drop into the Data Portal at and view your car battery monitor data
    • Data points are pulled every 15 minutes and backhauled every hour, so you get some nice graphs of your batteries to view.
    • Very awesome graphs for solar charging as well.




Example Graphs

 Wireless Battery Monitor Voltage Graph

  • Graph shows a voltage when the charging source is a solar system.
  • This is 5 days worth of data. You can see when the sun comes up, the charger kicks in until charged, then goes into maintain mode the rest of the day. 
  • Voltage data points are pulled every 15 minutes, which gives the graphs great detail
  • RMS-BAT2100 sends the data to the Data Portal once per hour, unless there is a sensor detect, then data is sent right away



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