Boat Monitoring System

Get Alerted when things aren't right!


Everything you Need in One Kit!


  • Know before you go boating if your batteries are charged
  • Get Alerted if your battery charger has been unplugged
  • Get Alerted if the bilge is not keeping up with the water getting in your hull
  • The RMS-BAT2100 sensor consumes very little battery power. It would take over 5 years to drain a single marine battery, if it were never charged.
  • Graph of battery voltage tell how your charger or solar charger is performing
  • Monitor and graph temperature and set alerts if temperature is out of range
  • No external cellular antenna required. Everything is in the little box!
  • Setup multiple email accounts or texting email addresses in the cloud to get alerts
  • We stand by our products. 100% satisfaction guarantee for first 30 days! If it doesn't connect where you need to use it, or you don't like it, just return it (undamaged) for a refund.

Data Portal: 
The data portal is located on this website ( This is where you can view data sent from your boat, and set alerts. 


Dashboard: Shows both battery voltages, temperature and the sensor input status 


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Everything you Need in One Kit!


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 Enjoy peace of mind knowing your boat battery is fully charged and your bilge is working properly. With our low-profile sensors you can easily set up a boat monitoring system customized to you. This is the only product on the market that can detect battery voltage, temperature and bilge performance, all without draining your marine battery or needing access to wifi! Check on your boat remotely anytime with our data portal and receive custom alerts when the sensor detects anything out of the ordinary.