Cellular Dual Battery Monitor

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Cellular Dual Battery Monitor with Sensor Input and Temperature

This is a stand-alone cellular sensor product (no hub required, no wi-fi required). The built-in cellular modem sends data to the RM Sensors Data Portal, where you can view data from this sensor and setup email alerting.

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Product requires purchase of 1 Year Data Plan 


What if it doesn't connect where I intend to use it?
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Boat Battery and Water Monitoring


Car Storage Battery and Garage Door Monitor

Features & Specifications:

  • Battery Monitor Inputs (2 each)
    • DC Only (0V to 30V)
    • Sensor powers off either battery 1 or battery 2 (uses one with highest input voltage)
      • minimum 6V DC on one battery input to operate
      • Sensor uses an ultra small trickle of power (it would take over 5 years to deplete an RV or Marine battery)
    • Voltage Measurement Range (0V to 30V DC)
    • Voltage data gathered every 15 minutes (makes awesome Voltage vs Time graphs in Data Portal)
      • Use voltage time graphs to analyze solar performance, or know when a charger was unplugged, or when a generator was turned on.
  • Sensor Input
    • Ideal for connection to water sensor, float sensor, door closure sensor, etc.
    • Automatic cloud backhaul when sensor detects
    • Detection is shift from Open Circuit to Detection Resistance
    • Detection Range (Resistance 0ohm to 2.5Mohm)
    • Ideal for relay closure detector
    • Ideal for two post water sensor (measures resistance when water present)
    • Can easily daisy chain multiple water sensors off of the single sensor port, if you have multiple places in the hull to detect
    • Max Voltage = 0VDC (do not apply voltage to sensor input)
  • Temperature Detection
    • Built in
    • Range -40F to +150F
    • Tolerance +/-1F
    • Set temperature alerts in the cloud (could set one to remember to winterize)
    • Measurement data point every 15 minutes (creates awesome temperature graphs to view on data portal)
  • Size:
    • 4" x 2"  x 1.4" (includes mounting wings)
    • Footprint is just a touch bigger than a credit card. 
    • Wires connect to the green screw terminal in picture, so plan space for wires to run.
  • Wire Size Acceptable at screw terminal
    • 16 gauge to 26 gauge wire acceptable
  • Cellular
    • LTE-M1 Technology
    • RM Sensors handles all connectivity with cellular providers
    • RM Sensors uses same towers as Verizon, so if a Verizon signal is present the sensor will connect
  • Reporting Interval
    • Sends data to cloud every hour
    • If sensor is triggered, will send data right away
    • Battery measurements are every 15 min (for graph creation)
    • Temperature measurements every 15 min
    • If no tower is available, last 15 days of data is stored
  • Cloud Data (available at rmsensors.com data portal)
    • Data subscription required (see store)
    • Set email or text alerts on sensor activity, battery voltage levels or temperature
  • Regions
    • United States Only

Questions? Please call (719) 285-7805 or email: sales@rmsensors.com