Cellular Dual Battery Monitor

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Special! 1st Year of Data is Free!

 The Dual Battery Monitor, with cellular connectivity, allows you to keep tabs on your Boat, RV or Car. 

Here is everything this one little box can do, all by itself: 


Measure One or Two Battery Voltages (DC: 6V to 30V)

  • Create custom Alerts on the web:
    • Email Alert! Battery charger disconnected!
    • Email Alert! Battery voltage low!
  • Track Solar Performance, voltage on time and more!
  • Wide DC Voltage Range: 6V to 30V
  • Up to two Batteries can be monitored


Sensor Input - Allows you to get alerts when sensors change state.

  • Email Alert! The door to your boat has been opened!
  • Email Alert! There is water in the hull of your boat!
  • Door / Window Sensors (normally Open) - Simply wire directly to the sensor(+) and sensor(-) inputs
  • Float switch - Simply connect the two wires to the sensor(+) and sensor(-) inputs, and mount the float switch in the hull of your boat---now you get alerted when water is present!
  • Industrial Users: Connect to a dedicated relay or dry contact sensor to cellular connect your remote systems for alerting.

Temperature Measurements

  • Set custom alerts based on temperature
    • Email Alert! Temperature is < 40F
  • No accessories needed! Temperature measured inside the box!

The built-in cellular modem sends data to the RM Sensors Data Portal, where you can view data from this sensor and setup email alerting on battery voltage thresholds, sensor activity and temperature levels.




What if there is no cellular connection where I intend to use it?

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Boat Battery and Water Monitoring


Car Storage Battery and Garage Door Monitor

Features & Specifications:

  • Battery Monitor Inputs (2 each)
    • DC Only (6V to 30V) .... connect to only one battery if desired
    • Device powers off highest voltage between battery 1 and battery 2 (uses one with highest input voltage)
      • Device uses an ultra small trickle of power (it would take over 5 years to deplete an RV or Marine battery)
    • Voltage Measurement Range (6V to 30V DC), with accuracy of +/- 0.1V
    • Voltage data gathered every 15 minutes (makes terrific Voltage vs Time graphs in Data Portal)
      • Use voltage time graphs to analyze solar performance, or know when a charger was unplugged, or when a generator was turned on.
  • Sensor Input
    • Ideal for connection to float sensor, security , or any other dry contact (normally open) sensor
    • Automatic sends data to cloud when sensor status changes (False to True, or True to False)
    • Detection is shift from Open Circuit to Closed Circuit
    • Ideal for industrial applications: alerting of a relay closure in remote applications
    • Can easily daisy chain multiple float switches or door closures off of the single sensor port, if you have multiple places to detect
    • Max Voltage = 0VDC (do not apply voltage to sensor input)
  • Temperature Detection
    • Temperature sensor is included inside
    • Range -40F to +150F
    • Tolerance +/-1F
    • Set temperature alerts in the cloud (could set one when temperatures get close to freezing)
    • Measurement data point every 15 minutes (creates great temperature graphs to view on data portal)
  • Size:
    • 4" x 2"  x 1.4" (includes mounting wings)
    • Footprint is just a touch bigger than a credit card. 
    • Wires connect to the green screw terminal in picture, so plan space for wires to run.
  • Wire Size Acceptable at screw terminal
    • 16 gauge to 26 gauge wire acceptable
  • Cellular
    • LTE-M1 Technology
    • RM Sensors handles all connectivity with cellular providers
    • RM Sensors uses same towers as Verizon, so if a Verizon signal is present the sensor will connect
  • Reporting Interval
    • Sends data to cloud every hour
    • If sensor is triggered, will send data right away
    • Battery measurements are every 15 min (for graph creation)
    • Temperature measurements every 15 min
    • If no tower is available, last 15 days of data is stored
  • Cloud Data (available at rmsensors.com data portal)
    • Data subscription required (see store)
    • Set email or text alerts on sensor activity, battery voltage levels or temperature
  • Regions
    • United States Only

Questions? Please call (719) 285-7805 or email: sales@rmsensors.com