Rodent and Rat Detector

Most Efficient Method for Monitoring Rats and Mice

Rodent Detector Real Time Alerts

Get email and text alerts when rats and mice are moving around your facility and in traps through our rodent control device.

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Rat and Mice Monitoring for Facilities

RM Sensor's rodent and rat detector and alerting system gives you the upper hand in the battle against rodents. Our system monitors 24/7 in drop ceilings, crawl spaces, storage rooms, and cabinets for rats and mice and sends you an email alert when there is an issues.

Go about your daily business and rest assured you will get an alert from your rodent control device when there's a problem starting, or when rodents have been caught.

Rat Detector for Restaurants

  • Our rat sensors have active electronic monitoring that ensures you detect rats and mice when they migrate into your facility, so you can take action and clear them out before they infest. 
  • The RM Sensors Cloud sends you email alerts when rodents are in traps, and when they are detected moving around in your drop ceilings, crawl spaces and other hidden areas.
  • No more pulling out ladders and crawling under buildings just to check empty traps or to check for fecal matter or the smell of urine. Let an our technology tell you when action needs to be taken.
  • Additional Sensing - Our rat sensor does more than just rodents
    • Hourly Temperature Logs - the sensors also measure temperature. Put wireless sensors in your coolers and freezers to get hourly logs of temperature with graphs.
    • Temperature Alert - set a high or low temperature alert and get alerted if the temperature is out of range in your coolers.
    • Loss of Power Alert - the hub has battery backup, so it sends data if the power is out. Set an alert to be notified if there is a loss of power at your restaurant. This could save you thousands in lost inventory. 

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Wireless and Battery Powered

The RM Sensor’s  rat detector will bring you many years of service for one low upfront cost. Adding new sensors to the hub is as easy as pressing two buttons.

Rat Sensor and Rodent Control Device

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