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Everything you need to remotely monitor One or Two Batteries on your farm!


  • Built-in cellular connectivity (no wi-fi needed!)
  • Monitor up to 2 battery voltages
    • Handles up to 30 volts on each battery input
    • Built-In TVS Diode dampens surges during start cycle
    • Easily view solar performance on voltage graphs in data portal (if you have solar panels and want to do that)
  • If you only have one battery, connect both battery sensor inputs to opposite sides of your master battery switch, so you can tell remotely if you remembered to turn off your battery.
    • Example: Connect Battery 1 to the battery, and Battery 2 to the opposite side of the master cutoff switch
  • Things you can do with the sensor input:
  • Set custom alerts on the web, to get alerted
  • Monitors temperature as well, so you can set an alert on low or high temperature measurements


1 - RMS-BAT2100 Dual Battery Monitor 
2 - mounting screws for RMS-BAT2100
1 - data plan (1st year free!)

Option #1: Primary Battery Cable or Secondary Battery Cables (Custom Built)

  • Custom built to length!
  • High quality wire (marine grade), can be easily run through your equipment
  • Complete cable assembly that connects Sensor Product (RMS-BAT2100) to a primary or single battery
  • Ring terminals on battery end allows for easy connection to battery's auxiliary posts
  • Stripped wire ends on sensor side, allows easy connect to RMS-BAT2100 (simply slide the wires in and screw them down)
  • protection fuse built into cable, with 6A fuse included, protects your boat in case of wire failure


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