RV Monitoring

HOW IT WORKS: RV Monitoring

Below is a diagram of how the system works. In the box on the left, you see the things that go in your RV (wireless sensors and a hub). The only wiring is connecting two wires from the hub to your RV's house battery---everything else connects wireless. This connection is how the hub measures your RV's battery voltage.


Sensors and hub all run on internal batteries (AAA for sensors, and AA for the hub). The hub will use the RV house battery when connected, but it only draws 200 microamps of current on average, which is not noticeable for your house batteries (it would literally take many years to drain a RV battery with a hub by itself). If you pull your house batteries in the winter, the hub will run on its internal AA backup batteries for up to 6 months (depends on data traffic).  

The hub uses an internal cellular modem to periodically transmit collected sensor data to the Rocky Mountain Sensors cloud server. It does this about every hour when in active mode and about ever four hours when in low power mode, so data is not instantaneous on this system. The system is designed to be low power and used for applications where delays in receiving data is okay.


Use the Data Portal on our site to view your data and to set custom email alerts.  

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