Rodent and Rat Sensor

How do you detect mice and rats?

Method #1 (Detect Trap Motion): 

  • Step 1: Configure catch-all rodent traps and add the multi-sensor to to top of it.
    • Some traps have a see-through window and don't need a hole (Catchmaster 606MC).
    • If you buy a trap with a solid cover, drill a 1/8" hole in the cover and position the sensor's motion sensor lens (white) above the hole. When mice get in the trap, the motion counts spike way up.
  • Step 2: In the RM Sensor's Data Portal - rename the sensors to match the location of where the traps were set. Example "Trap - Drop Ceiling above Stove"
  • Step 3: In Data Portal - set email alerts for each trap sensor for motion counts greater than 20. When mice are in the trap, they ring up the motion counts like crazy, so an alert at 20 will be good.

Method #2 (Area Detect for Motion):

Use this method when you don't think you have mice, but would to see if things are moving around in areas where they shouldn't.

  • Setup sensors in areas where there shouldn't be rodent movement (drop ceilings, crawl spaces, storage areas).
  • Put the sensor right where rodents will run by. Example, along baseboards. The sensors will only reach out a couple feet to detect mice, so they need to be directly next to the rodent's path (not up high)
  • In the cloud (Data Portal), rename the sensor to where you placed it. "Drop Ceiling - north dining"
  • Set an alert. Example: movement threshold greater that 2 motion detects
  • Periodically check the movement graphs in the cloud from the comfort of your home or office




How to get Setup and Going:

  • Purchase the Starter Kit and a 1 Year Data Plan
  • Purchase traps: Suggest Catchmaster 606MC see-through traps. If you want solid top traps you can drill a 1/8" hole in top and position the sensor's white lens over the hole to detect the mice inside.
  • Stick the sensors to the top of the trap with double sticky tape
  • Set the cellular Hub in a central location. The hub is where your wireless sensors connect, and it uses its internal cellular modem to send sensor data to the cloud periodically throughout the day.
  • Create an account on the Data Portal (watch video tutorial)
  • In data portal:
    • Register your hub and sensors
    • Rename the hub and sensors to match where they are located. Sensors will automatically fall under the hub on the software.
  • Set any email alerts you might want. For example, set a motion count >20 on traps, to let you know the trap is full.



Starter Kit (1 Hub + 2 Sensors)
Only $9.99 / month 


Return on Investment - Please keep in mind, this $579 investment will give you many years of use! If it lasts 10 years, that's only $58/year for the equipment when amortized. This is great value for the flexibility, peace of mind and improved cleanliness this system will bring to you and your business.

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