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Everything you need to electronically monitor your facility for rodents, with the added bonus of monitoring temperature at sensor locations.


  • Get alerted when rodents are in traps. Monitor hard-to-reach locations (drop ceilings, crawl spaces) with ease!
  • Are rodents on my property? Set a sensor along floor boards and in attics and basements, then setup an alert.
  • Have rodents been trapped? Set a sensor on a trap, and get notified when they are in the trap.
  • Is your heater still working? Get an alert when lower temperatures happen


Kit Includes:

1 - Data Plan, First Year Free!
1 - Hub
1 - Power Plug for Hub
2 - Wireless Multi-Sensors
4 - AA Batteries (Hub Backup During Power Outage)
4 - AAA Batteries (2 for each multi-sensor)
2 - Rodent traps with see-through window, which allows sensor to monitor inside.


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