RV Monitoring - RV Owl

Starter Guide

How to Get Going:

  1. Purchase the RV Owl Starter Package. This will include everything you need to install and includes the 1st year subscription.
  2. Suggestion: Install the batteries and test the system at your house for a week, before installing into your RV. It will get your familiar with how the hardware and cloud software work together.
  3. Install the system in your RV.
  4. Place one sensor on your main runway in the RV (along the floorboard) and the other sensor in the bathroom (or wherever you want to detect). We suggest just using velcro to attach the sensors to the wall, so you can move them around easily to different locations.
  5. Connect the included wire to your 12V RV battery system and then plug into the hub. (If you take your RV battery out in the winter, the hub can run on AA's.) If you are not comfortable connecting to your RV battery, please call a local RV repair service to help you.
  6. At home, log into: user.rmsensors.com and create your account. 
  7. Set alerts in your account and wait for the data to show up to view graphs (if you're really techy).

Rodent Detection and Trap Alerting

Rodents multiply fast and can infest your RV in a matter of few weeks. Catch the 1st generation that enters your RV and get them out.

Step 1: Watch for mice entering your RV

Motion sense on floors, and get alerted when mice arrive in your RV. To get alerted, just set an email alert in the Data Portal for motion counts for sensors placed along floors in RV (as shown). 


Step 2: When Mice are Found

Once mice arrive, setup a trap so you are alerted when mice have been trapped. This saves you trips to your RV.


Video: How to setup a Trap & How Motion Alerting Works

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RV Owl battery voltage monitoring 


The graph above is of a Class A that has a solar charging system. You can see about 5 days of data, with charging in the morning, maintaining voltage during the day, and decay at night without the sunlight. 

The hub measures your RV's house battery voltage about every 15 minutes. In the cloud, you can be notified when there is a low battery voltage condition, or you can view very detailed graphs of your voltage---if you are tracking your solar performance.

 Questions? Click to Call (719) 285-7805