RV Monitoring System

Protect your RV this storage season with a Cellular Monitoring System!
(Starting at Only $299 + 1st Year Free Data)

RV Monitoring System

Get Connected to your RV!

RM Sensors has two RV Monitoring systems, and the only system that monitors for rodents during the storage months: 

Option 1: RV Battery Monitoring System:
(Monitor One or Two batteries, temperature, and a door / window sensor)
RV Battery Monitor
Starting at $299
Option 2: Complete Wireless Sensor Network
(Monitor: One Battery, rodents, motion, and temperature in many locations within your RV)
RV Monitoring Kit
Starting at $479




  RV Battery Monitoring Kit RV Wireless Sensor Kit
Link to Kit View the Kit View the Kit
Starting Price $299 $479
1st Year Data Subscription (cellular connectivity) FREE FREE
Cellular Connected icon-checkmark-green.png icon-checkmark-green.png
(Hub cellular connects)
Web Portal Access to data and to create custom email alerts icon-checkmark-green.png icon-checkmark-green.png
Very Low Power, operation won't drain RV batteries icon-checkmark-green.png icon-checkmark-green.png

Measures Temperature
(Allows custom temperature alerting)

icon-checkmark-green.png icon-checkmark-green.png

Measures Primary RV Battery Voltage
(allows Low Voltage Alerts & voltage graphing
to monitor chargers and solar performance)



Measure Secondary Battery Voltage
every 15 minutes?
Detection of Rodents moving around my RV
(also allows monitoring of rodent traps)
Local wireless sensor monitoring & alerting   icon-checkmark-green.png
(Wireless sensors connect to hub)
Detection of Human Motion   icon-checkmark-green.png
Records light level when motion happens   icon-checkmark-green.png

Able to operate without RV Batteries present
(Important in storage months when trying to monitor
for rodents)

Hub has AA Battery Backup
Allows Wired Door or window Switch can be added
(or any dry contact closure---Normally Open)

First 30 day guarantee: if it doesn't cellular connect where
you want to use it, return it for a full refund

icon-checkmark-green.png icon-checkmark-green.png
 Standard 1 Year Warranty icon-checkmark-green.png  icon-checkmark-green.png 



Option #1: RV Battery Monitoring Kit (with temperature & door sensor) - $299

Our low-cost Battery Monitoring Kit, allows you to remotely monitor up to two RV batteries, temperature with option to connect one wired sensor, with built-in cellular connectivity:


 RV Battery Monitoring Kit
(with 1 Year Free Cellular Connection!)

Starting at only $299


Option #2: RV Wireless Sensor System - $479

RV Owl is an expandable hub and wireless sensor system allows for a more advanced remote monitoring (rodents during storage, battery voltage, temperature and motion events):


RV Owl is an cellular-connected monitoring system that keeps you connected to your RV, on the road or in storage 

Complete RV Wireless Sensor System Kit!
Starting at $479 



What can the RV Owl monitor?

  • RV Battery Monitor – Replacing RV batteries can be very expensive and every year millions of people who own RV’s let their batteries drain too low during storage, which usually means they need to be replaced in the spring before the RV is used. RV Owl alerts you before your battery voltage drops below a critical level, so you can take action
    • Your RV's 12V voltage level tells you a lot about your RV power status. RV Owl can alert you for: low battery voltage, loss of shore power, solar disconnect, and provide performance graphs for your solar system. Is your solar system working? Is performance degrading? Our monitoring system can be useful for helping answer these questions
  • Motion – RV Owl is the only RV monitoring system that can detect mice in RVs, which is the #5 insurance claim. Mice can cause over $10,000 in damage or completely destroy your RV in a matter of weeks. They eat wires, matresses, insulation, and urinate all over the place. It can also be used to detect them early and used on mice traps, so you can take care of the problem before it gets out of hand.
    • Not only does RV Owl detect mice, it also detects human movement around your RV as well. Motion is also given a light level detection, so if you have a sensor in an exterior cabinet and motion is detected with a high light level---someone opened the cabinet. To detect mice, simply place a sensor on the baseboard along the main raceway in your RV. Rodents will be picked up as they run by.
  • Temperature - Set temperature alerts to remind your to winterize your RV. Track hourly temperature graphs for your RV's location in the Data Portal. While camping, place your sensors in the refrigerator and freezer to track food temperatures on the road.

Complete RV Wireless Sensor System Kit!
Starting at $479



Easy Setup

Setup for our RV monitoring system is a snap! The RV Owl has only one wire to connect which is from the hub to the RV's 12V battery system. The sensors are wireless and run on their own internal AAA batteries. The Hub can run on Internal AA batteries or the RV's 12V battery once connected. Need help? Watch our sensor tutorials or give us a Call (719) 285-7805


How does our system work?

RV Owl uses a central Hub and remote wireless sensors in your RV. The sensors send data to the Hub, and the Hub sends data to the cloud using its internal cellular capability and a top-tier cellular network. You view data and manage alerts in the Rocky Mountain Sensors "Data Portal" located on this website.


  • RV Owl is also the only RV monitoring system where the hub can run on internal AA batteries for the storage season, and still send you alerts. Some RV owners pull their batteries in the fall, but that's when bad things happen in storage. RV Owl is the only system that keeps going.
  • RV Owl sensors are designed to last years on two AAA batteries (depending on how much activity they see).
  • RV Owl Hub uses very little power. It would take over 10 years for our RV Battery Monitor to drain the RV battery all by itself if never recharged. You never have to worry about RV Owl draining your RV battery.

The RV Owl Features:

  • Cellular connected hub in your RV, sends sensor data to the Data Portal
  • Data Portal processes sensor data and sends alerts to email addresses you setup.
  • Use Data Portal to view graphs of data and to set alerts
  • Hub and Sensor Setup is SUPER easy!
    • The only wires are connecting the Hub to the RV battery system, everything else is wireless
    • Mount sensors with velcro, so you can move them around to do different tasks
    • Connect new sensors to hub with a simple push of the button (watch video tutorials)
  • Powering Hub and Sensors
    • Sensors run on two AAA batteries
    • Hub runs on RV battery when connected, or 4 x AA's when backup is needed
    • Tip: Hub is so low power, it would take over 10 years for it to drain an RV battery if never recharged
  • Our RV monitoring system operates as a multi-function sensor detecting: motion, light and temperature
    • Detect rodents running on raceway (place sensor along floorboard in RV or in cabinets)
    • Detects rodents in traps when set on top of mouse trap
    • Detects human movement (can detect up to 12 feet when placed high)
    • Detects light with motion. Example, motion in cabinet and it's not dark someone opened it.
    • Detects temperature (hourly log of temperature at every sensor location)
  • Hub - Connects all wireless sensors & measures RV battery voltage
    • Monitor and alert for low battery voltage
    • Monitor solar voltage performance (15 minute data points creates very cool graphs on the data portal)

Starter Kit ( 1 Hub + 2 Sensors + Accessories)
Starting at $479


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