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Everything you need to get your RV setup with a complete remote wireless sensing system!


  • Extremely low power Hub - it would take many years to drain an RV battery with the hub operating by itself
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet Needed! The cellular modem inside the hub sends the data to the web portal.
  • Monitor & Alerting:
    • RV Battery Voltage (every 15 minutes a snap shot is taken)
      • Set an Alert to get notified if the voltage drops dangerously low (low enough to damage your battery for good)
      • Set an Alert to know if your battery charger was unplugged
      • Monitor solar performance, and view voltage charging graphs in the data portal
      • If you are using a wall plug, get alerted if power is lost to your RV
    • Motion Sensing
      • Detect for rodents by placing a sensor along floorboard
      • When cleaning out rodents, set a sensor on a trap to get notified when you have a trap to clean out
        • This will save you from making daily trips to your RV
      • Detect for human movement in the main cabin and in storage compartments
      • Light level readings with every motion sense tell you if a cabinet door was opened during the motion sensing event.
    • Temperature
      • View temperature graphs in the cloud for any area of your RV where you deployed Multi-Sensors
      • Set alerts to remind you to winterize
  • Install - (no stripping wires, super easy)
    • Route the battery cable from the battery area to where you want to mount the hub
    • Connect the battery cable to the hub (just plugs in)
    • Connect the battery cable to the battery
      • Ring connectors on custom cable make it easy---just bolt the two wires down to the aux posts on the battery
      • Red to Positive, Black to Negative
  • Peace of mind! Staying connected has many benefits for the RV owner, mostly the peace of mind that monitoring is happening 24/7.


Kit Includes:

  • 1 Cellular Sensor Hub
  • 1 Power Source for Hub
    • DC Plug w/ 6 feet Cable: This is a simple power Cable (intended to connect after a fuse in your fuse box)
    • Option: Custom Battery to Hub Cable (if you intend to run the hub directly off your RV battery)
      • Built to the length (specify the length in the drop down)
      • Includes fuse in the cable (for protection from shorts in the wire)
      • Includes ring connectors for simple connect to your RV battery's auxiliary posts
      • Includes plug connector on other end to plug into hub
    • Option: 120V AC/DC Plug (for those that want to plug the hub into standard wall plug (120V AC outlet)
  • 2 Wireless Multi-Sensors
  • 4 x AAA Batteries - to power your wireless sensors
  • 4 x AA Batteries - backup batteries that are installed inside the hub
    • These batteries operate the hub, when power from the primary source is not present
  • Industrial strength Velcro strips to mount hub and sensors
  • One Year Standard Warranty
    • Option to extend the warranty to 3 years
  • 1 Year Free Data! This allows access to the web site data portal, so you can view your data and setup alerts.


Easy and simple. Everything you need to get started with a cellular sensing solution for your application.




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