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Everything you need to cellular monitor your Vacation Home, or Airbnb rental.


  • Keep tabs on your vacation home, without internet service
  • Is your heater still working? Get an alert when lower temperatures happen.
  • Is someone moving around on your property? Get an alert when motion happens.
  • Has there been a power outrage? Set an alert when the main power is out, and look how long it's been out on the data portal
  • Are rodents on my property? Set a sensor along floor boards and in attics and basements, then setup an alert.
  • Have 

    rodents been trapped? Set a sensor on a trap, and get notified when they are in the trap.

Airbnb Benefits

  • Since no sound or video is being recorded with this system, it meets the Airbnb monitoring requirements
  • Is my vacation home occupied?
    • View motion graphs on the web portal, and see what hours people have been moving around
    • You can also tell if cleaning services have been there, and for how long
    • Also, look to see if someone is in your home, during times it is not rented
  • Did someone leave a door open? Temperature readings with sensors near doors can tell you that.
  • Is my heater working? Set low temperature alerts, to protect your property from pipe bursts
  • Has someone been in my locked owner's closet? Set a multi-sensor in the closet, then set an alert for motion.





Kit Includes:

1 - Data Plan, First Year Free!
1 - Hub
1 - Power Plug for Hub
2 - Wireless Multi-Sensors
4 - AA Batteries (Hub Backup During Power Outage)
4 - AAA Batteries (2 for each multi-sensor)


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