Wireless Home Monitoring System

Stay connected to your vacation home, and receive alerts anywhere with our wireless home monitoring system. You can connect wireless sensors and start monitoring today!  



Wouldn’t it be great if you were notified anytime someone entered your vacation home, or the power went out? No matter where you are, you can keep tabs on your property and receive alerts for anything out of the ordinary with our wireless home monitoring system! This is the only product on the market that can detect power, temperature, motion and light – all from one little device. Our sensors don’t need wifi and do not use a lot of power. Simply set it and forget it, knowing that you can check on your home remotely anytime using our portal. And because our sensors don’t infringe on privacy, they are Airbnb and VRBO approved!
Sense and Alert for:

  • Power Outages
    • Get alerted and check how long the power was out
    • Determine if you should throw food away in the fridge
  • Temperature
    • Get alerted if your furnace or A/C stops working
    • Prevent damage from freezing pipes
  • Motion Detection with light level capture
    • Detect human movement (mount sensor high)
    • Detect rodent movement (mount sensor along baseboard or on a trap)
    • Light level capture during motion events can be telling, especially if they are set in a place that is supposed to be dark
    • Motion counts allow you to determine the severity of the movement
  • Rodent Sensing on traps and along baseboards
  • Water Detection (sensor coming soon!)
    • Sense for water under sinks and around toilets 

How it works:

The RM Sensors' wireless home monitoring is a solution that does not require an internet connection or a phone line to operate, making it the perfect device to use for remote vacation home monitoring.


  • Plug in the Hub in a central location in the house.
  • Setup Multi-Sensors in locations where you want to monitor motion, light level and temperature.
  • Setup alerts on the data portal and assign email addresses where alerts will be sent.

Access Data Portal

  • View graphs of data that has been collected
  • Setup and modify alerts
  • Set multiple email addresses where alerts are sent


About the hardware:

  • Hub
    • Plug into wall outlet
    • 4 x AA backup batteries (operates up to 2 months)
    • Cellular connects to RM Sensors Cloud
    • Easily add new sensors with the push of a button
    • Measures AC/DC adapter for power outages every 15 min
  • Multi-Sensor
    • Detects: Motion, Temperature and Light
    • Hourly reports in sensor readings
    • 2 x AAA Batteries (Last approx 2 years)





 Want more info about our wireless home monitoring system?

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