Wireless Home Monitoring System

 Wireless Home Monitoring

Wireless Home Monitoring System for Vacation Homes & Rental Properties
Remotely monitor your property without an internet connection!

Remote vacation home monitoring allows you to keep tabs on your property and receive alerts for anything out of the ordinary with our wireless home monitoring system!

Benefits & Features:

Cellular Connectivity

    • Pays for itself in no time. Drop that costly internet connection at your Vacation Home!
    • First year of connectivity is Free!
    • If you have a cellular at your home, this system will work. (Money back guarantee if it doesn't cellular connect from your home!)

Temperature Monitoring

    • Get alerted if your furnace stops working:
      • Prevent flood damage from freezing pipes! Getting temperature alerts means you can take action before damage occurs!
      • Every wireless sensor location also monitors temperature, so you can get alerted if one part of your house is getting too cold for your water lines (even if the power is out).
    • On the web portal, view temperature graphs from each sensor location.
    • Set custom alert temperatures in the RM Sensors' Web Portal
      • Example, if you set a low temperature alert for 40F, then you will get an email alert once temperature hits 39F or lower. You can set multiple email addresses to get the alert, so setup your property manager with an alert as well.

Motion Detection with light level capture

    • Detect human movement (mount sensor high)
    • Detect rodent movement (mount sensor along baseboard or on a trap) ... watch video
    • Light level capture during motion events can be telling, especially if they are set in a place that is supposed to be dark
    • Motion counts allow you to determine the severity of the movement

Power Outage Monitoring

    • Remote vacation home monitoring allows you to get alerted when the power goes out so you can closely monitor your property during this period.
    • The sensor system will continue to operate on backup batteries for up to 2 months
    • Watch temperatures on your remote property, and know if you need to take action before pipes break, during a power outrage.
    • Check how long power was out, and determine if you should throw away food in the fridge.

Rodent Sensing - take action before an infestation occurs

    • Use motion sensing capability along baseboards, in attics and crawlspaces to watch for rodents when you are not there.
    • Have rodents? Set up a trap and monitor if you catch them. Saves driving out every day to check empty traps.

Remote Vacation Home Monitoring Kit

How it Works (In a nut shell):
Place battery-powered wireless sensors and one hub strategically in your vacation home. The sensors transmit their data to the hub, and the hub transmits the data to our data portal using its internal cellular modem. You set alerts and monitor the data in the Data Portal (accessible from this web site). The kit comes with 1 year free data, free shipping and you never have to deal with the cellular carriers --- we do all that. It will connect and send data out of the box!



How it works:

The RM Sensors' wireless home monitoring is a solution that does not require an internet connection or a phone line to operate, making it the perfect device to use for remote vacation home monitoring.


  • Plug in the Hub in a central location in the house.
  • Setup Multi-Sensors in locations where you want to monitor motion, light level and temperature.
  • Setup alerts on the data portal and assign email addresses where alerts will be sent.

Access Data Portal

  • View graphs of data that has been collected
  • Setup and modify alerts
  • Set multiple email addresses where alerts are sent


About the hardware:

  • Hub
    • Plug into wall outlet
    • 4 x AA backup batteries (operates up to 2 months)
    • Cellular connects to RM Sensors Cloud
    • Easily add new sensors with the push of a button
    • Measures AC/DC adapter for power outages every 15 min
  • Multi-Sensor
    • Detects: Motion, Temperature and Light
    • Hourly reports in sensor readings
    • 2 x AAA Batteries (Last approx 2 years)



Wireless Home Monitoring System


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